Spanish Pyrenees Photography

I’m just back from leading my first tour to the Spanish Pyrenees, which was a big success with far more species photographed than I hoped for.

The main focus of the trip was to get up close and photograph vultures and in particular the Lammergeier. With Lammergeier’s being globally threatened, the sites where you can photograph them are few and far between, let alone get so close.

Vultures aside, a fantastic pool created by an underground spring has it’s own hide just a couple of hundred yards from the hilltop accommodation we use. This attracts a great variety of birds to drink and bath, giving excellent photographic opportunities.

I’ve just made a start on the 4000 images I took, so will post a picture now and again as I get through the initial processing. First image I’ve sorted out is this one of a Dartford Warbler, a rare and skulking bird in the UK. Although more numerous in southern Europe, they still have the knack of staying well hidden, so the pool hide was ideal to get this shot of an adult bird coming in to bath.


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