Todays Solar Eclipse from Wythall

Literally found out about the ellipse at 9.15am this morning and read that it was at it’s peak in this area at 9.28am, so little time to spare.

How do I get pictures without going blind?

In the corner of my eye I saw a large photo frame with no picture in it I was preparing for an event next weekend and Eureka the idea was there.

I got shots of the reflection of the events, diffusing it enough to be no trouble, with the light cloud helping and even adding to the images.

No fun for my Cat who had been sunbathing prior to the event!!

Image 1 –  9.26am, March 20th 2015


Image 2 – Ginge wondering where the sun has gone!!!


Image 3 – 9.30am, March 20th 2015


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