Fancy the Spanish Pyrenees for a future trip?

I’ve not long returned from another successful trip to the Spanish Pyrenees, this time with a group of 3 clients who are probably still coming to terms with what a breathtakingly beautiful location they’ve had to leave behind!

The experience of seeing 300 plus Griffon vultures feeding in front of a hide, within inches of you, is something that lives with you for life. These being joined by Monk (Black), and Egyptian Vultures and approx 30 Lammergeier’s makes this one of the only sites you can view at very close quarters, all of Europe’s vulture species.

Here’s a small selection of images to give you an idea of what it’s all about, but I can give you more details on the trips if you drop me a line.


Griffons waiting for feeding time.


Griffon Vulture in flight, with a backdrop of Broom.


Adult Lammergeier

And it’s not just birds, we recorded 24 butterfly species and many plant species, with at least half a dozen of these being endemic to the Pyrenees.


Provence Orange Tip Butterfly

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