Feedback I had to share

I’ve been very busy giving my lectures recently, with six during September and another five this month around the country.

They are great fun for me and of course a good way to promote my tours and workshops, but the biggest buzz is hearing the sounds of approval and noises of delight when I bring up my images of birds around the world to the screen.

Occasionally someone puts pen to paper and passes on the feedback they have had from their group and this is what I received from Alan Lawrence of Wolverhampton Photographic Society a couple of days back;

Hi Ashley,

I felt I had to email you to thank you so much for giving Wolverhampton Photographic Society your ‘Shetland to Scilly’ lecture last Tuesday week – 22nd Sept.

At our following meeting on Tuesday, 29th Sept several members told me how much they enjoyed it and how I’d done so well to get such a good lecturer at such short notice, etc.

Your method of delivery reflected your expertise and passion for bird photography which, coupled with your amusing anecdotes and photographic advice, gave us not only a superb ‘learning’ event but also a very entertaining evening.

Hopefully, we will see you again at WPS but meanwhile thank you again for giving us such a fantastic evening at such short notice.

Kind regards,  

Alan Lawrence ARPS

Programme Secretary

Wolverhampton Photographic Society

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