Canon 1D MK4 for sale

My weapon of choice has been my Canon 1DX for a couple of years now, with my Canon 1D MK4 being used very rarely as a back up, so I feel it’s time to let it go to a good home and raise some cash.

I’m listing it on Ebay from midday today, but if anyone is interested, contact me directly.

Some pictures below, but in a nutshell, it’s in 100% working order, serviced by Canon authorised dealer, mint condition apart from a minor cosmetic scuff on the body. Shutter actuations are very low at 42,708. it of course comes with all the leads, battery, battery charger etc.

I’m looking for £1500 or nearest offer.

1d mk4-1   1d mk4-1-2

1d mk4-1-3   1d mk4-4

1d mk4-3   1d mk4-9

1d mk4-5   1d mk4-3-2

1d mk4-8

2 thoughts on “Canon 1D MK4 for sale

  1. Hey , I hope your well, I was just thinking of you , as I am walking round ragly , ( doing emails! Love the mobile office!) Did you have any joy with getting more dates in place for here? Nature walks or bat walks? Be lovely if you could, but talking to people the management here are not the easiest to work with .

    Hope all is well with you xx Sarah xx

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    > From: Cornelius Quilligan > Date: 13 October 2015 2:07:16 pm BST > To: Sarah Barry > Subject: Fw: Ragley announcement > Reply-To: Cornelius Quilligan > > > >


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