Brushing up on my Macro Photography

I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon at my local patch, Earlswood Lakes. Leaving the big lens behind for a change so I couldn’t be tempted by the birdlife, I opted for the 100mm macro lens and went hunting for fungi.

Fungi photography is not an area I’m familiar with, so it took a while to find a subject to tempt me onto the damp woodland floor.

I was first lured by this lovely group of mushrooms, I’ve identified as Rooting Bonnet-cap, Mycena galericulata. Not a rare fungus apparently, but looked attractive growing on this mossy tree stump. The larger caps measured roughly 2cm across. I’ve used a flash from above to create this effect.


Several Fly Agarics (you know the red one with the white spots) were found, but non worthy of a picture I’m afraid as this was my target species. I photographed one other, which I think is Common Puffball, but I’m not convinced as there is a distinct lack of ‘Ball’ shape. It does have the diagnostic conical bumps on the cap though.


Finally I came a cross a couple of Hornets which were feeding on the Ivy flowers, a great source of late nectar for our insects. Although they seemed to have more on their bodies than they were consuming!


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