3 Years a free man…….. sort of!

Three years today I stepped off the treadmill of life and went self employed, so I thought I’d celebrate by posting a few of my favourite images captured during this time.

I have to start of course with my Hoopoe image taken during my 2014 summer tour to the Spanish Pyrenees. The Hoopoe was in a perfect position, back lit by the rising sun, the only pity was my guests on the tour weren’t quick enough to get the shot themselves, theres always another trip….

BB Hoop

My second choice is a landscape scene of Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland, again taken in 2014. Wendy and I were booked on a boat to the Farne Islands until bad weather intervened, leaving us at a loose end. The dreadful weather did however lend it’s self perfectly to photographing ruined castles in the rain. Getting down low to bring the wet boulders into the foreground helped make the shot, later converting to black & white for added effect.


Leading two trips a year to The Gambia was always going to present photographic opportunities to me between catering for my clients needs. Although I’ve visited Abuko nature reserve on many occasion and seen Giant Kingfishers every time, I’ve failed to be in the right place at the right time to capture the moment one catches a fish, until February 2015 that is.

I got a sequence of shots as it left the water and flew off with it’s prey, but the image below was my favourite. However I do have some very critical friends and on returning with my prize, one such friend commented, “Ahh what a shame the fish wasn’t facing the other way” cheers Nick, your a real pal!

Giant Kingfisher

If you’d like to see more, my website has plenty in the gallery pages, or please come along to one of my talks.

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