Local Rarity

Of all the groups of birds in the world, I do struggle to get to grips with and even get inspired by the Gulls with the exception of a few of the less brutish looking species.

But with one a little out of the ordinary just down the roads at Earlswood Lakes, Warwickshire, I really had to make an effort.

Many thanks to a few of the local birders who helped confirm that what I was looking at was in fact a Caspian Gull in 3rd Winter plumage. I managed a couple of record shots, but nothing spectacular.

One of the diagnostic features of this bird, telling it apart from a bog standard Herring Gull, is the bill which is obviously longer and appears to slightly droop at the end. I flight it looks like a very large Common Gull, with the face looking a little more gentle than most of the Larus group of gulls.


You’ll notice the rings on the legs, apparently this is a bird of German origin.


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