A week in Southern Spain

I’ve not visited Southern Spain before and I guess had a vision in mind of high-rised waterfront apartments and beeches with more flesh on show than shorebirds. This was pretty much accurate in the area we stayed near Fuengirola, but there were some unspoilt areas to the rear of the complex.

Birds like Sardinian Warbler (Below), Crested Lark and House Sparrows were abundant along with a very healthy population of Blackbirds, which are a little different to those we get at home. They appear to be slightly longer in the tail and although their song is very like the British birds, some of the calls were very odd.


Spotless Starlings were very obvious nesting around the apartments in the chimneys, which were a first for me and more different than I thought they would be. Yes there is the lack of spots, but they are a lot blacker looking, with less iridescence and the feathers on the crown and throat are longer than our starling, giving a shaggy appearance, which is well illustrated in my picture below.


We had House Martins nesting above our apartment which were great fun to watch and attempt to photograph in flight.


More from this trip coming soon.

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