Nice start to 2017

Luckily as yesterdays weather was atrocious, I normally count January 2nd as my “New Years Day” due to being pretty worse for wear from the previous evening frivolities, so todays glorious sunny day was a great start for my photographic year.

I’d been pretty busy in the months leading up to year end, so had missed a lot of the amazing birds that had turned up during Autumn migration and lingered, so I was determined to make a good start to to 2017.

I headed down to Stow-on-the-Wold, about an hours drive, hoping to see the Blue Rock Thrush that had been there for a week or so. I was on it within 20 minutes of being there and got a few shots, although it was pretty impossible to get a picture of the bird where it was not obviously on a roof top.

However, I was pretty pleased with the record shots I got of a very rare bird for the UK indeed.

Some samples below.

A slight detour on the way home took me to Evesham to catch up with a bird I’ve not seen for a few years, the Waxwing.

Just one solitary bird, but it showed well enough for a few shots, non of which will win any awards, but a cracking bird all the same.

We’ve not had whats known as a Waxwing winter for some time, when birds get pushed South by cold weather in Northern Europe, so I wasn’t going to let a relatively local bird go unseen.

Lets hope for more of the same weather and plenty more fabulous birds for the rest of the year.

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