Spare a thought for The Gambia

I’m sure most of you will have seen the developments in The Gambia on the news over the last couple of days, with Thomas Cook bringing back holiday makers early due to the countries political unrest.

Yaya Jammeh, who had been in post for 22 years was voted out in Decembers Presidential elections and has refused to step aside for the peoples choice, Adama Barrow.

What a shame that the greed and ego of one man is single handedly killing off tourism in The Gambia, just as Ebola did a couple of years back, even though the country was not effected.

Yes we have to go on the UK government advise to stay away from the country at the moment, but spare a thought please for the poor Gambian people who rely on tourism, almost totally to put food on the table.

Having led tours in The Gambia twice a year for the last 6 years, I was there during the “Ebola Epidemic” which effected some West African Countries. The group  witnessed what an impact media hype and general geographic ignorance can have on a country and it’s people. Baring in mind that The Gambia has never had a case of Ebola in it’s history and only one case was reported in Senegal, which borders The Gambia on all sides, tourism all but disappeared.

So if you have been thinking about visiting this incredible country, to experience it’s fabulous wildlife, friendly people and guaranteed sunshine etc, please don’t be put off and dismiss The Gambia as a future holiday destination, the country will need our support to get back on it’s feet when things settle down, which I hope will be very soon.

I was due to take a group over for two weeks on January 24th, but have been forced to put it on hold of course, but I look forward to going back to see my friends over there and see more of these wonderful birds.


2 thoughts on “Spare a thought for The Gambia

  1. Disappointed (gutted) though I am that our trip has been cancelled, I agree with every word you say Ashley. The Gambian people are the real victims here, and I really hope that tourists will go back to this lovely country as soon as it’s possible.

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