My auto-correct Bird name Frustrations!

As a man in his early 50’s, many things make me grumpy or irritate me, like why children standing a few feet apart shout to each other and why do they do it outside my house when I’m trying to work, rather than in front of their own house. Life is full of mysteries I guess…

Spell check correcting my writing is a blessing quite often, especially as a dyslexic I do make a lot of errors and putting anything down in text format always takes me a lot of time, so any help is appreciated.

As a birdwatching guide, I’m always making lists of the bird names we see on tour, often as we see them using the ‘Notes’ app on my i-phone, that way I can provide an accurate record for everyone post holiday.

However, some higher power believes the bird names I am logging to either be a product of my dyslexia, or a misspelling of perhaps something a non-birdwatcher might be making a list of. Let me give you some examples.

One of my favourites, is a relatively European bird, so I tend to log it quite often, but sadly my phone still thinks it knows best. Mistle Thrush is sometimes “corrected” to ‘Mistake Thrush’, how ironic is that! On occasion it changes it to ‘Missile Thrush’, an interesting concept if ever I heard one…


Mistle Thrush… aka Mistake Thrush or Missile Thrush

Another classic covers a whole group of birds, the Harriers, which “corrects” to a ladies name. I’m lucky enough to see several species in the UK and further afield so often note Marsh Harriet, Hen Harriet and if I’m lucky Montagu’s Harriet. Another raptor I see occasionally is the Hobby, or as spellcheck prefers ‘Bobby’. Birds such as the Hobby with singular names can cause problems, for example the gorgeous Garganey corrects to ‘Gargantuas’ and Eider to ‘Rider’.

Below are a few other examples I’ve had issues with that come to mind;

  • Sitting Cisticola – Zitting Cisticola
  • House Martini – House Martin
  • Meadow Pipette – Meadow Pipit
  • Sulphuric-crested Cockatoo – Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
  • Bearded Barnet – Bearded Barbet
  • Collared Trojan – Collared Trogan
  • Masked Tights – Masked Tityra
  • Philadelphia Video – Philadelphia Vireo
House martin

Anyone fancy a House Martini?

So should you join me on a birdwatching holiday, day trip or dawn chorus walk and receive a list of birds afterwards with an error on it, don’t blame me, blame whoever writes the software programmes for not knowing their birds!


6 thoughts on “My auto-correct Bird name Frustrations!

  1. That’s really spooky! Only yesterday I was whingeing on my family WhatsApp group about autocorrect. I was sending them photos of various recent damselfly sightings and that malicious piece of software decided to change “teneral form” (meaning an immature adult not yet showing full adult colouration) to “general form” (presumably meaning bog standard!). I know the phone displays auto-correct options while you’re typing but I can’t be looking everywhere!! Who me – grumpy old man?

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  2. Hi Ashley, good read and yes a House Martini would go down nicely just now. Just wish I had a better memory or taken more notice of the bird calls on our holidays. Seem to be picking up many bird songs at the moment and it is frustrating not knowing which birds are singing. Next Dawn Chorus walk is a must for me.


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